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    emily-granger on #146573

    Just wondering if anyone out there has ever come across or done an arrangement themselves of any Piazzolla piece for Harp trio. Libertango, Grand Tango, Oblivion, Historia del Tango… Any help would be much appreciated!

    patricia-jaeger on #146574

    Emily, just as “piano trio” usually means violin, cello, and piano, such as the beautiful one by Mendelssohn, would you explain whether you are searching for Piazzola music for harp and two other instruments, or for a trio of three harps? Thank you.

    patricia-jaeger on #146575

    Sorry I missed seeing your clarification: harp, flute, and viola, above.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #146576

    Piazzolla is very tricky to do well on the harp. It tends to have a repetitious bass line, and textures much more suited to the piano. You should take liberties if you’re going to arrange it. But also bear in mind when programming that this is not truly classical music. It is light classical or serious popular music, so don’t make more of it than it is. For what it is, it is wonderful.

    erin-wood on #146577

    Hi Emily,
    There is this performance of Libertango with harp flute and cello:

    And Luisa’s website has a lot of harp/flute performances of Piazzola:

    I really enjoy playing her solo version of Libertango.

    keziah-thomas on #146578

    Eleanor Turner has arranged Libertango


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