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    karen-s on #112563

    I so look forward to my Harp Column magazine yet it never seems to arrive in a timely manner. Considering it is a May/June issue, I would have expected to see it before May 28th. It still has not arrived. Anyone else not yet receive it and a bit annoyed at how late it seems to arrive? I understand it is a small publication but it is still supposed to be a professional one which would mean it should be timely.

    jimmy-h on #112564

    Mine hasn’t come yet either. It’s kinda like waiting for the christmas catalog as a kid again. But, in the meantime, the main articles are available online for you to read. Just sayin….

    kimberly-rowe on #112565

    Hi everyone: issues were mailed out several weeks ago, periodical post, which always takes longer than regular mail. This issue did go out a little later than usual for reasons I won’t go into (yes, we are are a small publication :-). If you ever have problems receiving an issue you can call our office at the number below and we are always happy to send a replacement. In the meantime, we’re really excited that subscribers can now view the magazine online or download a pdf version.

    Donna O on #112566

    I haven’t received mine either.

    jennifer-buehler on #112567

    Thanks Kim for letting us know! I was wondering if I should be worried yet that mine hadn’t arrived. Sounds like it should be here soon!

    karen-s on #112568

    Thanks for your quick reply Kim. Just thought I’d mention that I actually DID call about a week ago but no one returned my call. Thanks for making it available as a pdf but to be honest, if I wanted to stare at a computer, I would not pay to have a quality paper magazine mailed to my home. You do a great job with the magazine, I just wish it adhered to a more regular printing and mailing schedule.

    D W on #112569

    My subscription started this year and I’ve had to call HQ to mail me both past issues as they never came regularly. I did file a concern with the post office and they said after speaking with the post carrier, who said they had not seen it, did not have any answers. Guess I’ll have to HQ again. it’s very frustrating as I don’t have my subscription information so I can look at older issues online.

    kimberly-rowe on #112570

    Hi all: We’re very flattered that you can’t wait to receive your *Harp Columns*! I’ll take that as a compliment :-). Obviously we’re not happy if you’re having a problem getting your issues. Therefore, please call or [email](mailto:info@harpcolumn.com) so that we can sort out any individual problems you may be having.

    Abigail Kent on #112571

    I just got my Harp Column magazine in the mail today! I’m so excited! Hopefully everyone else will get theirs in the next few days.

    Donna O on #112572

    I received my replacement copy today, but never did receive the original copy. Thank yoy

    karen-s on #112573

    June 3rd and my issue has still not arrived. How long should one wait for a May/June issue before assuming it is not coming?

    HBrock25 on #112574

    Hello folks.

    I just want to apologize again for the delay on the May issue. We take timely delivery of the magazine very seriously and it pains me personally when it goes wrong. Unfortunately, because of the very very small size of our press run and our staff, we do sometimes run into problems that a more mass-produced publication would not have. We had a particularly bad run of problems with the May issue with the result that the mailing house did not actually deliver it to the post office until May 22nd. Periodicals mail sometimes takes as long as three weeks to be delivered, so while everyone should have their issue by now it is possible some do not. If anyone would like a replacement copy mailed first class please email me (webmaster@) privately and I’ll make sure it happens today.

    Thanks again for your patience and for your continued support.

    –Hugh Brock

    Charles Hooper on #112575

    I just got my July August issue of the Harp Column Mag and once again it’s pretty mauled and ratty looking and this time its wet. I get other magazines delivered and they are not wrapped or bagged the arrive in perfect condition. We’ve called to report this and were offered another subscription but what good is it when every issues arrives torn and sometimes wet?

    kimberly-rowe on #112576

    Charles: sorry to hear you’re having problems. Once the magazine is at the post office it’s pretty much out of our hands. We’ve considered having them wrapped in something before shipping, but that would increase our costs to you. We decided it was better to just replace bad copies free of charge. Please call our office to request a replacement and we’ll be happy to send one. I have no explanation for why this is happening to *Harp Column* and not your other publications, but I promise we are not abusing them before they get to the post office!

    Charles Hooper on #112577

    Thanks for the response Kimberly! My faith in humanity is restored once again.

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