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    I also got a response from a scammer last night. Different strategy and name, but definitely fishy.


    I got this as well:

    Good to have your reply. I am Henry Scott from U.S.A and would have
    loved to come and inspect it at your place myself, but I am a marine
    engineer and presently off-shore. I am buying this for my father in
    United Kingdom and pls just make sure it is in condition described. I
    will appreciate more pictures if available and will be sending your
    money asap. My shipper will be available to pick this up as soon as
    payment is made. Do you have PayPal account? because, I have a PayPal
    account that I can easily send money through because, its good for
    business payments. Get back to me with your PayPal email address and
    name in order for me to have your money sent on time. Confirm sale to
    me and remove the add from posting

    Henry Scott,
    424 Center Street
    NY 14092

    The best thing is just to ignore it, but if you really
    want to fight back, I suggest writing them back and ACTING
    like you are falling for the scam. Let them send you a bogus
    check, don't cash it, then play dumb. Say you never got it,
    ask them why they sent you extra money, even though they already
    told you. ask them redundant questions, make small talk, anything
    to waste as much of their time as possible. Think about it, if
    everyone did this, they couldn't tell the difference between
    someone actually falling for it or someone messing with them.

    Linden Lin

    Thanks for the heads up Sarah! If I ever try to sell my harp, that would definitely be one thing to watch out for. Thank you too Mike. That letter does sound a bit suspicious too. I hope scammers learn from their greed. It’s such a wrong thing to do!


    If anyone is a fan of Saturday night live………Definitely A waheeld and crezzy gaheee……


    I bought a broken harp upstate NY by Ithaca. It was titling dramatically, had brown house paint over the neck, the base of a Pratt and an unusually sound box. I bought it because even with all the problems the sound was amazing!

    Bought a Clark at auction and read the book about Melville Clark. With fresh eyes I connected the little gold shamrocks on the big repaired harp are in the same style as my Clark!

    Does anyone know a harp repair guy named David W Conrad working upstate at 1970?

    That is the name and date on the inside of the harp. I have pixs.




    Oh, it is a large lever harp-about the size of a Pratt or a troubadour. The shamrocks are like the ones on top of the neck of the Clark.

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