Harp tuner recommendations

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    elena-k-pohl on #74521

    Can anyone recommend a great tuner?

    darth-mom on #74522

    Hi Elena,
    Check out Turbo Tuners from Sonic Research.

    Sam Karlinski on #74523


    Do you use a tuning wire? Use of a wire should eliminate your tuner’s hearing problem.

    If you are curius,

    joan-steinberg on #74524

    What is a tuning wire?

    Sam Karlinski on #74525

    Yes, tuning wire=tuning pick up.

    laura-palmieri on #74526

    I have a Korg Orchestra Tuner that works pretty well. I paid around $90.00 dollars for it. The tuner pickups that they sell in the harp store have never worked for me. My teacher uses a guitar tuner pickup that she sticks onto the soundboard that gets the job done well.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #74527

    I also use the Korg Orchestra tuner, and like it quite well. The only drawback is that the speaker is in the back, so if it is on your stand facing you, and you want to tune to its pitch, it is muffled. Korgs are always good for producing a pitch that is easy to tune to, and it meters all the strings, though you may have to move the pick-up. It doesn’t come with an adapter, which is worth paying for, as batteries only last about 3 months. I do not use a suction cup pick-up on my sounding board, it leaves a mark.

    rosalind-beck on #74528

    I love my Seiko ST-909.

    sheila-tschinkel on #74529

    This reply is more of a question. I have the Sabine tuner and bought a pick up mike or whatever it is called. Now, I cannot figure out how to use it. Can anyone describe this? Thank you.

    barbara-brundage on #74530

    Stick it into the Input jack, clip it onto your harp (a rib works great on a L&H, but wooden ribs are often too thick, so you can clip to the edge of a sound hole or even to a tuning pin), and tune away.

    sheila-tschinkel on #74531

    Thanks. Worked fine.

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