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    Victoria on #207383

    Hi everyone, I need some advice on choosing a good tuner. I am currently using a Korg Dolcetto clip on tuner and I found it to be absolutely useless when I get to the 1st octave and above.

    Any recommendation is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance for your help 🙂

    catherine-rogers on #207385

    I use the Peterson VS-II Virtual Strobe Tuner. Had it for years and it’s great. I do plug it into my harp’s speaker output jack, but you can use a clip-on pick-up. Has a quarter-inch jack input.

    hearpe on #207391

    I have both a Korg hand held tuner and a cheap similar one I got on bay for about five dollars-

    Both work well and cover all the strings on my harps up to 34 Mikel Celtic.
    They start to fail the upper ranges of my piano though, so I have to match octave tones.

    charles-nix on #207401

    You may find lots of info on this in a recent thread on tuning: https://harpcolumn.com/forums/topic/tuning-by-ear-vs-electronic-tuner/

    I also use Peterson, mostly the StroboPlus. Also use VS-1, 450 and 590, and the StroboPlus app for the iPhone, and a bunch of Korgs, etc. Needing an external microphone is almost universal for accurately sensing the upper notes though friends who have the iPhone apps (both Peterson and ClearTune) do pretty well with that one built in mic.

    Charles Nix

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