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    I had a woman come for harp lessons recently with a 26 string lever harp she had purchased from Tom Lee music. Weirdest thing…the instrument was tuned a 4th off of what it should have been – as in, the relative pitch was correct, but the note that was C actually sounded as F, D sounded as G, etc…
    The tension on the strings felt fine, and it was strung as described in all of the online retail descriptions of it, with F as the lowest note and C as the highest note. Anyone ever come across this harp or this problem? I’m at a loss of how to trouble shoot this…can’t seem to find a contact for the maker of this harp to inquire. As I said the relative pitch was normal, so it’s fine in that respect – but having everything in the wrong key would make it difficult for her to play with others etc.

    Link to the instrument below:


    Item Specifications:
    UPC: 844731030215
    Origin: Pakistan
    Shipping Specifications:
    Ship Length: 40 inches
    Ship Height: 32 inches
    Ship Width: 20 inches
    Ship Weight: 155 lbs.

    I know that would include a shipping case of some kind, but the weight?? How heavy is that harp? My goodness.
    There’s a special note about strings on the ad, so I’m wondering if the strings were brought up to pitch when the harp arrived.


    Ha, definitely does not weigh 155 lbs! It’s a normal weight..

    Anyway, I think I solved the mystery! Found a guide from the manufacturer with the correct range identified, so I can cross check with a piano. I think what must have happened is some bozo at Tom Lee must have just tuned it up to the wrong pitch once it was in the store.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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