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    Louis Venus

    Hi a couple of months ago I saw in the flesh the new trolley from “Affairs of the Harp”, lots of piccy’s on here
    although we have just purchased a Salvi stairclimber, (Great but heavy), we are seriously considering buying this one as well, it was extremely lightweight and practical, it had a nice deep platform and an angled handle which is nice and comfortable, although the stairclimber is great for stairs I find the platform very shallow, this one would be more practical when the stairclimber is not needed and also she is learning to drive so will soon be loading and transporting her harp on her own!
    Having children that play large instruments is a challenge (and expensive)! Son is a drummer! 🙂
    I think Im going to bite the bullet and get one for Christmas!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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