Harp Trolley On A Budget?

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    petaleaf on #210827

    I am look for a good harp trolley for my Teifi Siff Saff lever harp… what good trolleys are there but that are also low in price as I lack the funds at the moment? Thank you 🙂

    erin-wood on #211070

    I think this is the cheapest one available. I don’t have any experience with it:

    People also really like this one which is probably the next cheapest:

    billooms on #211082

    I have the Harp Trolley and like it a lot. Check the price on Amazon (it was $235 + shipping when I looked this morning).

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #211381

    You can use an ordinary flat dolly as long as you keep a hold of the harp.

    petaleaf on #211438

    Thank you all so so so so much! You’ve all been wonderful! Thank you xxx

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