Harp Transportation Overseas.

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    guzzie1 on #213810

    I have ordered a lever harp from Salvi, and now I’m searching for ways to transport it to Malta. I taken a look of samples of how the packaging of the harp how it’s going to be. The Malta curriers all of them are telling me that it should be placed inside a wooden box since there would be a high risk that the harp would not come in one piece.

    It would be helpful if you could share your experiences with me or even give me some tips please, since this is my first time shipping a harp.

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    Gretchen Cover on #213819

    Can the shipping company make a crate to go around the existing box? We had to move a valuable tall case clock and the shipping company made a wood crate. Can’t recall the cost but it was not much. Did you check with Salvi Harps?

    guzzie1 on #213820

    I’ve sent an e-mail to Salvi telling them that the harp a crate needs to go around the existing box. Still waiting for them to respond since they’re closed for the winter holidays and will open on the 15th of January.

    Tacye on #213832

    Wouldn’t it be easier to leave the problem to Salvi, who will be used to shipping harps?

    guzzie1 on #213857

    Yes you are right 🙂

    Victoria on #214056

    From what my friends in Asia told me, when they bought their harps, Salvi ship them like that (as your picture – no extra wooden crate outside), and they all arrived safely. But doesn’t hurt to double check with them. Hope that helps 🙂

    Elettaria on #214057

    It’s not just how it’s shipped, it’s the insurance. Yes, I’ve known of harps that arrived with a broken neck, so that can happen. I agree about getting Salvi to cover it, partly because they’re experienced and partly because of the insurance. Enjoy your new harp!

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    guzzie1 on #214107

    Yes all of these are helpful 🙂 thank you so much!
    All of the insurance company requested that the harp should be in wooden box, to prevent any damage. I have told Salvi about the issue and I’m waiting for a response from them.

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