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    barbara-brundage on #164308

    It’s Challan, not Challon. The piece is part of a suite, I think, and it’s in the Challan Collection.

    Here’s the harp connection link, since that was the one you listed first:


    barbara-brundage on #164309

    BTW, their description is wrong. The cover plainly states “Harpe Celtique.”

    Barbara Evenson on #164304

    Hi to all,

    I’ve been reading all your posts for awhile now, and find them most interesting!

    kay-lister on #164305

    Hi Barbara – yes I have a good friend that has just recently completed a harp therapy program and is now employed by 2 hospitals just for that purpose.

    chatelain-nathalie on #164310

    Hello !

    I am a swiss harpist and I have recorded all the works from Annie Challan, French Woman Composer. You can find the music by David Kolacny and also the ABC of the Harp wher you can hear the piece. It is in a collection from 3 pieces: Promenade �� Marly, Cascatelle, Laura. The Editor is Durand in France !

    Good luck

    Nathalie CHATELAIN

    unknown-user on #164306

    Yes, I did Laurie Rileys program when she was here in San Antonio about 10 years ago – I also completed a Vitas Hospice program about the same time – I had already been playing informally in some hospice and aids situations and the overall information was nice to know – however,

    joann-buice on #164307

    I have been through the MHTP program and was certified in 2004.

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