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    emily-mcintyre on #147701

    Greetings! I’m writing an article on harp therapy in Missouri for the magazine “Missouri Life”, and am looking to profile a harp therapist based in Kansas City, Missouri. So far, no luck turning anyone up. Do any of you lovely people know of a practicing harp therapist who would be interested in being featured in this article?

    Thank you!

    unknown-user on #147702
    Google “Harp Therapy Journal” – that should connect you to folks who can probably help you find someone to interview – plus the back articles could also help with information for your article – there are also several of us who are doing harp therapy in hospitals/nursing homes/hospice
    emily-mcintyre on #147703


    Thank you for your suggestion! Have a wonderful 4th of July!


    Heba Mostafa on #147704

    The International Harp Therapy Program lists all their practitioners here:

    There seems to be at least one practitioner in Missouri listed.
    Good luck!

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