Harp teachers & rentals near Wayne, PA?

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    unknown-user on #163199

    I’ve been looking very hard to find a harp teacher and a place to rent
    harps in or near Wayne Pennsylvania, and had very little luck. Can
    anyone give a name or refer me to a website of a harp teacher/ rental
    place near here?

    unknown-user on #163200

    I have a website sauldavis.com, and am nearby in Center City, just minutes from 30th Street or Suburban Stations, and ample parking. A great teacher is worth a bit of travel. To rent a harp, I can only suggest Virginia Harp Center in Haddonfield, NJ. That is the closest harp store. Nothing is convenient about the harp, ever, which is what makes it so worthwhile, actually.

    Evangeline Williams on #163201

    I believe Martha Clancy is in Wayne.

    unknown-user on #163202

    Planet Harp, in Macungie, Pa. (just outside of Allentown) rents pedal and lever harps.

    unknown-user on #163203

    I have a Troubador harp which I could rent to a student.

    meredith-kohn-bocek on #163204


    The Harp Studio in Owego, New York rents harps and has a rent to buy program.

    patricia-jaeger on #163205

    Rachel, try Delaware Valley Music in Philadelphia, because they handle some harp music; therefore some students or teachers who play harp must be customers. Wayne is not far from Philadelphia. 1718 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103-5120, United States.

    unknown-user on #163206

    Thank you, Pat, that would be me. They are my neighborhood store, and I am the primary customer, and the teacher in the area. I have several students from the Main Line, who mostly come in by train, as I am near the station, so they don’t have to pay for parking.

    unknown-user on #163207

    And yes, they are stocking your music, Pat. It’s a very small selection, about 12 books so far as they are very conservative in ordering, and many people go to Virginia Harp Center for music in New Jersey. But they are also stocking my pieces, and do ordering via e-mail, or long-distance phone, and are developing a website.

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