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    I currently have a student whose husband was accepted into Law School at Baylor, can anyone recommend a good harp teacher, preferably French School in the Waco area? She would be willing to travel a little distance for lessons if there is someone farther out. Thanks!

    Misty Harrison

    She could try one long lesson each month or every two weeks with Yumiko Endo-Schlaffer.


    If you didn’t know, Baylor has a harp faculty instructor


    Thanks Misty! I’ll pass on the information & yes Saul, I know Baylor has a music dept. but the teacher there is Salzedo trained.


    Hi, Louise! I am a Baylor student myself. The harpist in the Waco Symphony is French-trained. Her name is Louisa Ellis Woodson – . She lives in Austin, but she could perhaps work something out with her as she is in town for WSO. Other than her and Juliette Buchanan, I don’t believe there are any other harpists or teachers in the Waco area. Hope this helps!

    john Doe

    Waco TX

    thats all i have to say about that………

    John d.


    So, John Doe is from Texas, or Waco. We’re closing in on you.


    Thanks Vince! My former student is now settled in Waco & I have passed along Louisa’s info to her.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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