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    Elizabeth Webb on #221163

    Hello harp friends! I am conducting an anonymous survey of Harp Teachers. This is fairly comprehensive and will take 5 to 15 minutes most likely, depending on how many sections apply.


    If you have taught at least 1 harp student for at least 2 paid lessons, please take the survey. I would also love the help of both teachers and students in spreading the word to other harp teachers by sharing this link on your own Facebook page, other social media platforms, or email. I plan to keep it open for about 3 weeks then compile the data to share.

    Rayana on #221336

    Sorry, I can’t find the link to your survey!

    Elizabeth Webb on #221339

    Harpcolumn’s system must have censored it. I’ll try it again.


    Or if that gets deleted, here it is with a space so it’s not clickable. Just copy into your browser and delete the spaces.

    http://www.surveymonkey. com/r/5YPNV3V

    Elizabeth Webb on #221340

    Hmmm, that one got deleted too. I’ll try again with more spaces!

    htt ps://www. surveymonkey. com /r/5YPNV3V

    carl-swanson on #221342

    I’ve copied and pasted the above address twice and it takes me to the home page of surveymonkey. What am I suppose to do then?

    Elizabeth Webb on #221343

    Make sure you include the part after the dot com.

    I also have it posted in several harp groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

    carl-swanson on #221344

    I did that several times. It just takes me to a google page that lists surveymonkey.

    emma-graham on #221429

    The link on your first post works absolutely fine for me. It hasn’t been deleted. I’m using safari on an iPad.

    Elizabeth Webb on #221513

    Yes, looks like moderators must have approved it. I am planning to close the survey and start analyzing the data Saturday, October 20.

    Rachel on #223276

    Hello, have you posted results yet?

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