Harp String Buzzing Because of Lever?

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    unknown-user on #155436

    Hey All!

    carl-swanson on #155437

    Aaron- You have to give me some more information. Are the strings buzzing when the lever is NOT engaged? Or when it is engaged? What kind of lever is it? Does the lever, when engaged, push the string against a stationary bar or pin, like the Loveland levers?

    unknown-user on #155438

    Hey! It’s when the lever is not engaged. Engaging it pushes the lever against the string stopping it. I’m not sure. The lever has two metal bars that sit on either side of the string.

    carl-swanson on #155439

    Aaron- Most levers push the string against a bar of some kind when engaged. When the lever is not engaged, the string should sit half way between the lever and the bar. If the column has warped a little, then the string may sit too close to the disengaged lever. If that is the case, then the adjustment is to hammer in the string post above the lever to move the string a little more away from the lever.

    Look at the problem string with the lever in the “off” position and see how close to the lever the string is sitting. If it is too close, then hammer the string post in slightly and check the distance again. The string cannot be too close to either the open lever or the metal bar or you’ll get buzzes when the lever is not engaged.

    unknown-user on #155440

    Thank you so much! I just did the hammer trick, and it sounds so much better!!! I wish I would have asked sooner… At first I just replaced the string because I thought they were bad… Such a waste…

    Thanks so much!

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