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    HBrock25 on #148600

    Dear friends!
    I need your help! I need any historical information about harp sonatas.
    Especially about CPE.Bach’s Sonata and Sonatas of 20th century.
    It’s so difficult to find something in Russia.

    And the 2d question – Have somebody “American Harp Journal #7 ” 1980 ?

    Thank you! My mail : nina_kupriyanova@hotmail.com

    patricia-jaeger on #148601

    Nina, I have the two American Harp Journals from 1980: Volume 7, No.3 Summer,with Alberto Salvi on the cover; and Volume 7 No. 4 Winter, with Nicanor Zabaleta on the cover. I will e-mail you to find what you are seeking in these.

    HBrock25 on #148602

    Hi Nina,

    If you contact American Harp Journal editor you can buy copies of all old issues.
    About C.P.E.Bach, I have the Jane Weidensaul’s edition and there is quite an interesting explanation about how to play the ornaments and how Bach wrote about them. Maybe it helps you.

    By the way I’m looking for information about Russian harp school for my research. Could you recommend me some books about it? I would like to have a method, it could be in russian, with pictures of hands, so that I can see the differences between for example french method and russian method. Do you know where could I buy such a method or book?

    mr-s on #148603

    Здравствуй Нина , а где учишься ? в Москве или в Петере?

    mr-s on #148604

    Hi Katarzyna , its hard to find books of the Russian method nowadays i recommend you Nikolai Parfionov Method with darwings of fingers positions etc.. its a great big Book and there is M.Rubin method its also good and the famous one is Vera Dulova book with her method , when i studied in Russia i tried hardly to get the book of Madam Dulova but no copy . so you should make a copy for these three books that is the only way. let me say you as i did my research about the differences between the Russian and french School , i found it the same in general ,only the first finger in the Russian school is different from the french.

    Nina Kupriyanova on #148605

    Здравствуйте! Я учусь в аспирантуре в Московской консерватории.
    А Вы откуда? Рада познакомиться!

    Nina Kupriyanova on #148606

    Dear Katarzyna!
    I have a copy of the score of C.P.E. Bach’s in Weidensaul’s edition, but without introduction. 🙁

    About Russian school – very good book with pictures is M.Rubin’s “School of beginning study of playing harp”. But this book is only on Russian.

    zoraida-avila on #148607

    Peredai bolchoe priviet Irine Petrove Pashinskoi, ja eë ochen’ liublu.
    Spasibo. Zhal’ko chto ne mogu tebe pomoch v voprose o Bach….
    Zhelaiu schastiya!

    Nina Kupriyanova on #148608

    Обязательно передам! Спасибо!!! 🙂

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