Harp solo every day is it boaring?

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    mr-s on #151172

    Hello, my question what do you think of a daily 3 hours of a solo harp music is it boaring for a small city with a repeated faces or what?

    Jessica A on #151173


    Brandee Younger on #151174

    No, not boring!

    Christian Frederick on #151175

    As I say over and over. Life is ultimately about choices. You can chose to make it boring, or YOU can chose to make it exciting.

    A trick I’ve learned is changing the order of your repertoire each time you play. You NEVER want to play a set in the same order twice.

    Best wishes on your musical journey!

    mr-s on #151176

    Dears thank you for your advices and suggestions, but i do deal with Bar clients that have a very weak cultural back ground, what is making me angry, is that people like football matches more than Music, and the problem when you have TV in the same place where you are playing and it comes to choose between watching football or listening, i got an agreement

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151177

    Try playing themes from tv shows.

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