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    Hey all!!! I was recently watching Annie (the 1982 version) and during the song ‘We got Annie’ Ann Reinking was playing a harp..I couldn’t tell what kind of harp it was or if she was actually playing, but it’s always exciting to see a harp when you don’t expect it…and a while back I saw Gremlins and I believe I briefly saw one in Mrs Deagle’s house..
    Happy harping everyone!

    Sonya Wiley

    I was watching an old Millionaire Listing NY, Michael was showing an apartment and had a harpist come in, sounded great and i believe she was playing a style 15. Fun to see if only briefly!!


    This maybe a little different than seeing but….I have the whole collection of Robert Sterling’s Twilight Zone. Although I didn’t see the harp, most of the episodes have a harp as the background music. The harp, in the episodes, are the most prominent instrument within the orchestra! 🙂 woohoo

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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