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    D W on #77081

    Any harp shops or places with harp sheet music in the DC, northern Virginia area? thank you

    alexandra-baldwin on #77082

    Foxes in Vienna has a very limited selection, and two and a half hours down 95/64 is the Virginia Harp Center. If anyone knows of anything closer, I’d love to know, too!

    kreig-kitts on #77083

    The Virginia Harp Center in Philadelphia is about as close as the Midlothian location, at least if you’re in the District itself and want an excuse to make a day trip to Philadelphia (or if you don’t have a car). Otherwise you can also keep an eye on their web site. They have a lot of music when they come in for the MidAtlantic Harp Festival and sometimes a couple other times, usually somewhere in northern Virginia.

    kay-lister on #77084

    Hi David,

    I’m an hour from DC and 3 hrs from VA Harp Center. So, if you are in DC, it should only take you a couple hours to get to the store in Midlothian.


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