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    spencerharp on #225028

    Hi everyone, first time post. I moved up to a pedal harp last year and managed to get hold of a secondhand salvi daphne, I dont think it had been serviced for a while before I bought it but it definitely needs one now.
    I’ve had a look on line and found a company that is only 20 minutes from me, niebisch and tree ( http://www.niebischandtee.com ) just wondered if anyone had used them before? as the next closest place is over an hour and a half away.

    Also any advise on roughly how much i should be expecting to pay would be great.


    emma-graham on #225029

    They are excellent. Nigel (Tree) is a first rate technician. He used to service my harps when I lived in London. The other options probably near you would be Alan at Munson and Harbour or Salvi London. The Salvi/Lyon and Healy technician is Billy Hornby (The Harp Doctor) and he travels around the country and will probably visit the new Salvi London showroom from time to time. He is who now services my harps as I live miles away down in Devon!

    spencerharp on #225054

    Hi Emma, thanks for the answer. I shall give them a ring on Monday. thanks.

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