Harp Restoration Needed – Michigan

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    Rob Laliberte on #223546

    Hi there. I have my grandmother’s old harp that hasn’t been in a playable condition in probably close to 30ish years. It’s an old Sebastian Erard pedal harp from the 1800s. So my grandmother passed away 10 years ago and last month my brother passed away so my father and I are looking into getting my grandmother’s old harp repaired as a gift for my mom. We know it’ll be expensive but some things are worth more than money. If anyone knows of who I should contact or reach out to that would very much appreciate.



    Edit: Added some photos. I know it looks pretty bad. It’s been through a lot.

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    Gretchen Cover on #223548

    Howard Bryan at http://www.oldharpsmadeyoung.com would be the place to start. A question to ask is whether the harp can or should be made playable or will just be a decoration. Glad you realize restoration of any sort will be $$$. I applaud you and your father for caring enough about the harp to preserve it in some appropriate form. Please post a photo of your grandmother’s harp.

    Rob Laliberte on #223597

    I’ll reach out for Howard. Thanks. I tried attaching them to the original post but the file size was too large so I’ll post some on Imgur.

    I’ve been a musician for a lot of my life and always try to respect older instrument with history. I currently play a 1927 Conn tenor sax. It’s a beautiful instrument. So it would be awesome to see this harp playable again even if it’s gonna be a lot.

    Gretchen Cover on #223604

    Thanks for sharing the photos. What a beauty that should no longer hide in a corner like Cinderella. Go onto YouTube and listen to saxophone and harp videos. There is some great new music and outstanding duos performing this combination of instruments.

    Charles on #223622

    You might also want to reach out to Erich Rase in Lancing Michigan.
    He’s done a nice job keeping my 1912 Erard Gothic going before I purchased it in November.

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