Harp rental needed in South Carolina for wedding/Colorado Case experiences

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    katewilde on #199866

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a good suggestion to find a rental harp in South Carolina or nearby? My aunt is getting married in March 2017 and has asked me to play, but I live in Oregon and don’t have a flight case to fly with my Lyon & Healy Prelude. Ideally I’d love to play that same model of harp, but a pedal harp would be fine. The biggest thing that would throw me off is different string spacing, and the Prelude has pedal spacing & tension as far as I know.

    If I was to get a flight case, I was recommended by Lyon & Healy to go with Colorado Case, but I’ve read awful things about the wait time and even some orders that were completely lost and unfulfilled. Were those just a few disgruntled people, or a reflection of the company? Does anyone have experience with them? I would get more use out of Lyon & Healy’s heavy duty padded case because I usually drive to gigs – that’s $800 right there and I don’t have it yet – so I’m not sure I want to gamble with spending that on a flight case when I might not even get it in time.

    Any advice would be much appreciated! I hope there’s a site out there, or maybe someone on here, that could point me to a local rental in South Carolina.

    Kate Wilde

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