Harp Rental in Europe November 25-December 13 (vs. shipping)

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    Mary Lattimore on #147072


    My band is going on tour through Europe and I am looking to rent a concert grand pedal harp for the dates of November 25 – December 13. Does anyone have any experience with finding a rental harp in Europe where they’d allow us to take it in a crate on a giant tour bus? It’d be heavily insured like the rest of the instruments.

    How do orchestras usually do it, when they tour?

    If I were to ship my own harp, am I taking a giant risk? Is there a reputable harp shipping company that I should know about?

    Any advice would be great! I am very new to this.

    Mary L.

    Tacye on #147073

    Where in Europe?

    Seoid OC on #147074

    Europe is a big place!

    Alison on #147075

    Why not call the harp shops in the UK such as Holywell Music in London and the Salvi shop in Remagen near Bonn, or Camac in Paris and ask them for a hire harp, check out the other countries on the Salvi/Lyon Healy website

    paulina-porazinska on #147076


    Mary Lattimore on #147077


    Thank you so much for the thoughtful replies. We are going to be traveling through lots of countries (UK, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands) and yes, playing in London on Dec 1, 2, and 3.

    We ended up finding a harp from this place:
    http://otjaharpcenter.nl/. Great price and renting a beautiful 30.

    I have to say that the big sort of obvious places (Lyon and Healy, Salvi, Camac, and some others suggested) were either completely unresponsive or didn’t have a harp to rent. I was really surprised that our manager was having such trouble, since our budget was reasonable and I am not extremely picky. Maybe it’s the idea of something so valuable traveling with strangers..

    But thankfully this came through. You’re right, shipping seemed to be far more of a hassle upon researching it. Seems like it’s better to go through smaller shops or individuals.

    Thanks for the response!

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