Harp Rental Contract Question

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    jean-mac on #148326

    I am going to rent my small lever harp to an individual and would like to know if anyone has a sample contract I could look at, or at least advise me as to what one should contain?

    patricia-jaeger on #148327


    At our local Office Depot, there are all sorts of pre-printed forms. Look for the one: Rental of Personal Property. Either use this as it is, or take appropriate information from it and make your own. Use duplicates, one for the renter, one for your files.

    Rachel on #148328

    My only advice is to put full detail about your harp (serial number, maker, number of levers, type of case, etc. and any accessories) in the contract and keep a fully signed copy for yourself.

    jean-mac on #148329

    Sorry, not sure how to email people “off list.” Thanks. Jean

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