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    frank-pianki on #155488

    Hi folks, My Salvi McFall needs some work on the levers and I’m having trouble finding someone that does harp regulations in Indiana. I’ve checked with Vanderbilt Harps in Bloomington and they don’t have a service person. Does anyone know of harp regulator that is located in Indiana? I really don’t want to take it all the way to Chicago if I can avoid it. thanks Frank

    HBrock25 on #155489

    I live near Indy and totally understand!

    HBrock25 on #155490

    I don’t know where in Indiana you’re located, but I know Tom Bell comes through or near southern Indiana about once a year. He may go to other parts of the state as well. Tom does great work (and is a nice person too!). You can contact him through his website: http://bellharp.com/

    rod-c on #155491


    Steve Moss just relocated to West Lafayette, Indiana. I don’t know if this is close to you.

    frank-pianki on #155492

    Hey everyone, thanks for all the helpful replies! I love this forum!!! Great news about Steve Moss moving to West Lafayette , that’s only 2 hours from my home! Frank

    frank-pianki on #155493

    Well…I just returned from having my harp regulated by Steve Moss. He is living in Indiana and in just 2 hours he made my Salvi play like it’s brand new! Well worth the 4 hour round trip. Thanks for the help Frank

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