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    Julia Marie Schorn on #188199

    Hello- there is a chamber music class at my University and we would like to do a harp quartet but the professor doesn’t want arrangements of pieces for 4 harps but rather original chamber music. The only thing that comes to mind is “Venezolana” for 5 harps. Can anyone think of original chamber music for pedal harp ensemble? Thank you!

    Tacye on #188200

    Do you know the 4 girls 4 harps ensemble? Some of the original music they play is available if you follow links from their shop webpage. http://4girls4harps.com/ There is also a quartet repertoise list with some original pieces here http://chicagoharpquartet.com/repertoire/

    Gretchen Cover on #188202

    Check http://www.harpcolumnmusic.com and the other harp music sites. Also check youtube.

    Gretchen Cover on #188203

    I remember that “Musings” by Marguerite Lynn Williams is available from http://www.harpcolumnmusic.com. You can hear it on the Chicago Harp Quartet CD.

    Also, “Rhythm Song” by Erin Freund. That score and sound clip is also on Harp Column Music.

    MusikFind1 on #188204

    Research by MusikFind1. Some titles to add to the above posts.

    Harriet Adie
    Sun, Moon and Stars – A Middle Eastern Sky (2004)
    Elemental (2012)

    Bernard Andrès
    A fresca : quatuor de harpes
    1 score (15 pages) + 4 parts ; 31 cm
    Publisher: Paris : International Music Diffusion, ©1988.

    Bernard Andrès
    La Ragazza (2-4 harps)
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Allegro Moderato-Allegretto,
    Suitable for: Lever Or Pedal Harp

    Bartholomée, Pierre (1937)
    For 4 harps
    Work recorded but title not listed on his website.
    Le Quatuor de harpes Mireille Flour [sound recording].
    33 1/3 lp Created: Brussels : Alpha, DB 158 [197-?]
    Pierre Bartholomée
    26A rue Haute
    B-1340 Ottignies, Belgique
    Tel./Fax : +32 10 45 31 25
    E-mail : fpbartho [at] skynet.be

    Carl Van Buskirk
    Suite, harp quartet
    1 score (18 pages) ; 44 cm + 4 parts ; 36 cm
    Contents: Processional for a sedate company —
    Gossamer —
    Lullaby for an insomniac —
    Harps in a dancing mood.
    Publisher: [Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana Music Center, [1975?]

    Sebastiano Cognolato
    D’erba : per quattro arpe
    1 score (14 pages) + 4 parts ; 30 cm
    Publisher: Milano : Casa Musicale Sonzogno di Piero Ostali, ©2000.

    Jan Hanuš
    Introduction & toccata “nymph and Pan” for four harps
    Publisher: Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. : Joshua Corp., ©1976.

    Meinir Heulyn
    Rhosys : i bedwarawd telyn = Roses :
    For 4 harps.
    “Especially written for the Summer Harp Festival at the National Botanic Garden, Llanarthne, Wales, August 2010”.
    Incorporating the melodies of “Ar lan y môr” (By the sea), “Mil harddach wyt na’r rhosyn gwyn” (You are a thousand times more beautiful than a white rose), and “Rhosyn Tralee” (The rose of Tralee).
    1 score (6 pages) + 4 parts ; 30 cm
    Publisher: Pontypridd : Alaw, ©2010

    Illiashenko, André. (Moscow 1884 – Brussels 1954 )
    4 harps. [arrangement?]
    Le Quatuor de harpes Mireille Flour [sound recording].
    33 1/3 lp Created: Brussels : Alpha, DB 158[197-?]
    Same composer? http://www.musicarussica.com/composers/andrei-ilyashenko

    Julia Kay Jamieson
    One Time Around
    “solar power” sizzles with jazz rhythms; “falling down” borrows a little style from Pink Floyd; “snow ambling” has a quiet, “Gymnopedie” feel; and “buds” borrows melodies and rhythms from the “Rite of Spring” and “Morning Mood” while keeping in a ska style.”

    Louis Marischal (Antwerp 1928 , Paris 1999)
    Harpophonie en quatre
    4 harps [sic?]
    [listed in his catalog as Harpophonie en Quatre for 3 harps]
    Pub: Billaudot
    Le Quatuor de harpes Mireille Flour [sound recording].
    33 1/3 lp Created: Brussels : Alpha, DB 158[197-?]

    Paul Patterson
    Avian arabesques : for four harps
    1 score (32 pages) ; 31 cm 4 parts ; 31 cm
    Contents: I. The hovering falcon —
    II. Legend of the anka —
    III. Flight of the phoenix.
    Duration: approximately 14:00.
    Publisher: London : Josef Weinberger, © 2012

    Bernard Schulé
    Diptychon : pour quatre harpes : [op. 183]
    1 score (31 pages) + 4 parts ; 31 cm
    Publisher: Adliswil (Albisstr. 57) : Pizzicato-Verlag Helvetia, ©1999.

    Roberto Solci (1962-)
    Le muse danzanti : 3 divertimenti in forma di passacaglia “Ba-rok” : per 4 arpe (1998)
    1 score (58 pages) + 4 parts ; 30 cm.
    Contents: La musa Polimnia —
    La musa Calliope —
    La musa Tersicore.
    Publisher: Bologna : Ut Orpheus, ©2001

    Eleanor Turner
    Ice Cream Days for 4 Harps

    John Wickey
    Original composition, 4 pedal harps.
    “In the temple of Anubis”
    “Ra spoke their secret names…”
    “The Eye of Horus”
    Program note and ordering information:

    Julia Marie Schorn on #188205

    Thank you very much everyone!!

    Emily Granger on #188206

    Hi Julia!

    How exciting! 2 of these below have been mentioned but I’ve included a little more info. Let me know if you have any more questions about any of this repertoire!

    Paul Patterson’s Avian Arabesques
    Great piece but the 3rd movement is extremely difficult to get together.

    Margurite Lynn William’s Musings – really fun but still challenging to line up all the 16ths end of the first movement.

    We have videos of the Patterson and Musings up on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChicagoHarpQuartet/videos

    Also check out Hariete Adie’s Elemntal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVNjjcOQynM

    Bruce Broughton’s Dancing for love, Dancing for the Gods http://www.brucebroughton.com/news_events/news_events.html

    patricia-jaeger on #188209

    Tibor Serly (1901-1978) composed “Chorale in 3 Harps. Lyra Music company published it in 1967 and now the Lyra Music items are distributed by Vanderbilt Music Company Inc. in Bloomington, Indiana. 68 measures. A concert for 4 harps might sometimes include a work for three or fewer harps, for variety.

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