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    Not to be alarmist but we had to evacuate for the 2007 Witch Creek fire and I spent a frightening couple of minutes yesterday with an arm around each harp while my wood and glass house rocked and creaked


    My aunt used to live in L.A., she found her harp


    When I visited Dale Barco several years ago, he had cords hanging from the ceiling that he could loop around the neck of a pedal harp. At first I couldn’t figure out what they were for, not coming from an earthquake zone.


    Hi Holly, we felt the quake yesterday too, our 1938 house creaked and shook, even though we’re about five hours away from the epicenter in Baja, but, very scary indeed!, You never get used to them, ever!.

    I have two of my lever harps secured (or I’d like to think so) under my staircase, and a third, medium size harp, is in my dining room wedged between a chair, heavy bench and a heavy music stand, and the harps were okay, except my Ravenna 26 popped an, “E” string right after the quake, weird!.


    WOW – so sorry for you westerners!

    Angie Kelly

    Years ago I went to the summer camp at Shenandoah and the harp professor there told us about a time when she lived in Auburn, AL and the house was flooding (can’t recall if it was tornado/hurricane or thunderstorm related or what) and she picked up her harp and set it on top of the toilet lid.


    What a good question. Everyone should check the fine print of their insurance policies for natural disaster coverage.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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