Harp-Piano Duet for Christmas?

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    rachelmichele on #191491

    Hi everyone!

    I am hoping some of you experienced harpists can help me. I am wanting to perform a duet with my dad on Christmas, but I can’t seem to find any sheet music online.

    I play the harp and my dad plays piano, and we are both advanced beginners, so anything at or below that level would be perfect. I’m not picky about the song, as long as it’s a Christmas carol, as I’ll just be happy to find SOMETHING!

    Thank you 🙂 🙂

    Gretchen Cover on #191493

    You may want to check http://www.sheetmusicplus.com, http://www.musicnotes.com for piano duets. These sites show the first page of the music so you can test the piece to see if it works.

    Go to the harp vendors, such as http://www.folkharp.com and http://www.harpconnection.com, http://www.harpcenter.com which also show the first page of a piece. There will definitely be harp duets at your playing level. Again, you can give the music a try to see if the piano sound works with your harp.

    PS/ Music Notes, Melody Folk Harp and Sylvia Woods’ Harp Center (websites above) have a lot of PDF downloads so you can start to practice right away. Sheet Music Plus is slow to mail, and I have not been successful in using their download system. Harp Connection and Harp Center mail music promptly.

    patricia-jaeger on #191524

    rachelmichele, Look for Christmas carols scored for piano and solo voice. Let your father take the piano accompaniment. You take the voice part on your harp instead, doubled an octave apart using both hands. It can be that simple, and probably quite lovely for you to do it together. Sometimes he could play the melody in octaves instead, and you could “accompany” him with simple arpeggios.

    andy-b on #191529

    It’s not a Christmas piece, but “The Pines of Charlannes” by Henriette Renie is a lovely easy harp duet that I’ve played with harp and piano.

    nana88keys on #191530

    Try Melody’s Music (melodystraditionalmusic.com). Their website has a lot of choices for ensembles including the harp.

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