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    Liz on #77763

    Where might one buy harp parts, like discs and pedals?
    I am doing a project and need to demonstrate the action of a harp.

    patricia-jaeger on #77764

    Elzbieta E: The excellent 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ yellow booklet HARP SCORING by the late Stanley Chaloupka, longtime harpist with the Los Angeles Symphony (pub. Salvi, $5.00 in 1979) is a wonderful resource. On page 20-25 he describes the use of pedals , mostly so composers for the harp will have a clear understanding of how a harpist uses them. Then in the Appendix at the back, page 45 to 47, he shows how to construct a “pedal tracker”which is a “movable pedal diagram” so useful for demonstrations, or for a composer to use. Materials needed for construction are corrugated cardboard ( or wood for more sturdiness); round elastic cord (hat elastic); 7 flat-head shank buttons. If you are unable to get the actual harp parts from manufacturers for your project, I suggest reading both of these sections and be able to make use of much of the information he has so generously provided. He encountered so many poorly arranged harp parts in his long career he decided to educate others in this way. The book is a gem and I hope it is not out of print.

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