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    From the Irish Times, May 18, 2011:

    Favourites of Irish cuisine served with harp accompaniment

    Eoin Burke-Kennedy

    ON THE MENU: TRADITIONAL IRISH favourites including cabbage, potatoes and boxty

    featured on the menu for the 30 guests at yesterday’s luncheon for the Queen at

    Áras an Uachtaráin.

    Diners were treated to a first course of smoked free-range chicken and onion

    marmalade, served alongside boxty, traditional Irish potato pancake, with

    crisped organic bacon and micro leaves.

    The main course consisted of roast turbot, a tartlet of creamed celeriac and

    crisped beetroot, potato rose and shredded cabbage hearts with caraway seeds.

    Dessert was a dish of buttermilk ice cream served with a rhubarb and caramel

    compote and oatcake biscuits.

    The food was served with a delicate Sauvignon Blanc white wine, De Ladoucette

    Pouilly-Fumé 2008.

    The red wine was a heavy duty Bordeaux, Château Pontac-Lynch, Margaux, 2004.

    The harp ensemble, Lán an Tí de Chruitirí (The Full of the House of Harpists),

    performed a short musical programme while the guests ate.

    The group played the traditional Irish hornpipe piece, The King of the Fairies ,

    followed by a number of pieces based on the popular melodies of lyric poet

    Thomas Moore.

    They included The Last Rose of Summer and Believe Me, If All Those Endearing

    Young Charms.

    To conclude the ensemble played Carolan’s Concerto, the signature tune of

    Turlough O’Carolan, a blind Irish harper born in 1670.


    more from the Guardian, May 17, 2011:

    Queen Elizabeth Il listens to harpist Siobhan Armstrong as she visits Trinity College Dublin

    Queen Elizabeth Il listens to harpist Siobhan Armstrong as she visits Trinity College Dublin. Photograph: Pool/Getty Images


    How lovely! Thank you for posting!


    Gorgeous! Thanks for posting. One can also see the “BRIAN BORU”

    harp in the glass case to the left of the harpist.

    Docia M

    Wow. Does anyone know what kind of harp the harpist is playing?


    I’d say it looks like a perfect replica of Brian Boru’s bardic harp behind !! You porbably can’t see but with bardic harps the column is upright so you get a ‘twisting’ of the string plane in the

    Sarah Mullen

    It is certainly a


    Also Jay Witcher makes historic reproductions as well, so it could be one of his. But honestly, Kortier was my first thought too.

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