Harp maintenance near Essex Junction, VT?

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    Angela Biggs on #157102

    Hello all,

    I play a Sylvan by Heartland Harps. I’ve been doing more with my Truitt levers lately (Truitts), and discovered that I need to get them adjusted. I don’t know of anyone who works on harps around here (except one guy over an hour away who once kept one of my previous harps for over six months!). However, I’m going to visit my husband’s family up near Essex Junction, VT in a couple of weeks. We’ll be there for three days. Do you know of anyone in that area who could regulate my levers?

    My previous harps were all Pakistanis, and since those were cheap I took care of this maintenance myself. But this is my first nice harp, and I don’t want to scratch or otherwise maim it! Also, I’m having a heck of a time finding the adjustment tool available for sale online.

    Thanks in advance!

    Angela Biggs on #157103

    In case anyone is looking for help with this later. . . I couldn’t find a luthier to do the work near Essex Junction, VT, but I did find the right bit for the lever screws. It’s a T6 star bit.

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