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    Susanne Globisch on #215380

    Hi everybody,

    a while ago I posted some of my “1 harp in 2 voices”-vids here. Back then I recorded the music in the usual way with external mics (recording 1st harp, then having the playback on the headphones and recording 2nd harp).
    Recently I started doing the recordings with a looper pedal. It is really good fun, and if one wants to play harp music that comes in several voices but hasn’t a second harpist at hand, it is also great for practicing!
    For the harp I’m using a contact mic (gear used is in description below the YouTube-Vid). It gives you a very direct, authentic sound which helps me staying in time with myself when recording the 2nd harp.


    In these Videos I use the looper:





    Donna O on #215382

    Susanne That was so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    Susanne Globisch on #216057

    Hi everyone,

    just wanted to share my latest effort with the looper (actually it’s not an effort, but fun – although I have to concentrate when playing with a looper pedal…)
    It’s a lovely tune with a kind of “springtime” feeling. To me it speaks of hope and enthusiasm, although it is in minor.

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