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    michael-rockowitz on #163178

    Does anyone have any experience with using an extension on your harp lever, basically to make the lever easier to see, grab, and move?

    I have a (relatively) inexpensive pakistani Minstrel harp.

    unknown-user on #163179

    As no one else stepped up to the plate on this one, I shall do so.

    michael-rockowitz on #163180
    barbara-brundage on #163181

    I would be concerned about the stress put on the fulcrum point by your lever extenders. Those pakistani levers are plated pot metal, and they are not really designed to take a lot of strain. Particularly with the extra quick shoving needed to compensate for the longer throw, you might run an increased risk of snapping off the lever handle.

    unknown-user on #163182

    Hello Michael,

    Well, I’m unsure of lever extenders. However! My first harp was a Mid-east Minstrel harp. (29 strings :-) )

    michael-rockowitz on #163183

    Thank you Barbara and Christopher for your responses.

    Barbara, the levers that came with the minstrel harp are a problem, mostly because of their stiffness, and the force it takes to use them.

    michael-rockowitz on #163184
    unknown-user on #163185

    Wow Michael, you sure put a lot of work into that!! I don’t know if I would’ve done so….

    I had the same harp. My levers weren’t as stiff as yours, but I’ve heard about that. Mine were just… very bad. The tiny metal bar that pinched the string, was crooked. In all of the octaves, every F# sounded different. LOL! I just didn’t want to replace all of the levers.

    However, the sounded grew a nice little pot belly on it, and the sound matured after a year. It sounded quite good.

    PS: I had sold that harp, and the woman who bought it uses it to play with a group at church! They started a lovely little group and she’s having a blast! The neck did crack on the instrument, but she found a book to fix it, and apparently she did fix it! :-)

    Goodluck with your levers and happy harping!

    unknown-user on #163186

    Oh and robinsons or loveland levers,(which ones i cant remember..) worked good on it. I also heard of someone replacing the dupont nylon strings with Robinson Harp strings. Apparently the sound came out even nicer!!

    michael-rockowitz on #163187
    unknown-user on #163188

    Eeek, yeah, sorry about that Michael. I keep mentioning that! It really doesn’t make sense to put nice levers on it. Levers can be quite overpriced….

    I actually went back and forth with Mid-east about the levers. Mine didn’t give accurate half step raises…

    I talked to

    michael-rockowitz on #163189
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