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    unknown-user on #156255

    Does anybody give lessons to novices in Auckland? The limit of my
    repetoire is the Welsh National Anthem (played badly I might add).
    But I wish to learn to play the harp properly.
    Thank you fo ryour help.
    Sarah-Helen Snow

    patricia-jaeger on #156256

    Sarah-Helen, Rebecca Harris in Auckland is a professional harpist who gives lessons, in the Epsom area. If you cannot find her, e-mail me for her address and phone. Also Carolyn Mills in Island Bay, Wellington. The skilled maker of pedal and lever harps in Whangarei, Mr. Kim Webby, would surely have names of all harp players in New Zealand to share with you. His beautiful harps are sought after by virtuosi on the harp from many countries.

    unknown-user on #156257

    Hi Sarah!
    I live in Auckland as well and I just started taking up lessons as well…:)
    I take my lessons from Ms. Sherry Shelton who lives in Devonport
    whom I find absolutely lovely and an excellent teacher as well..!
    Hope that helped..


    unknown-user on #156258

    Hi Patricia

    Can you let me have those contact details for Rebecca Harris please.

    My daughter has been learning the harp at St Marys College but is leaving and wishes to continue her classes. Thanks for your help


    HBrock25 on #156259


    patricia-jaeger on #156260

    I’ve sent contact information for Rebecca Harris, New Zealand harp teacher, privately to the people here who requested it.

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