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    laura-stokes on #147128


    I was wondering who you all use for harp insurance, I know that Anderson has a great deal through the AHS, however for unknown reasons they have denied me coverage and won’t tell me why. The other AHS firm Edward A Goodman Co. do not offer coverage to the state of Maryland.

    I really need to get my instrument properly insured but right now it is starting to seem impossible, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    eliza-morrison on #147129

    Hi Laura,
    I have been insuring my harps for years with the Merz-Huber Insurance Company in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. You do have to join ASTA (American String Teachers Association) in order to insure through them, but the cost of membership is not prohibitive. Merz-Huber insurance is very affordable and they are quite responsive to questions and problems (I’ve never had to actually make a claim, thankfully). Agent’s name is Marcie Tillberry, and their phone number is 610-544-2323. Good luck!

    laura-stokes on #147130

    Thanks! I will contact them!

    barbara-brundage on #147131

    Clarion also used to offer instrument insurance. I don’t know anything about their current policies, but ignore the ‘under construction’ thing on their website and just call them for details.

    Misty Harrison on #147132

    you don’t have to belong to ASTA to have Merz-Huber but you will pay a slightly higher rate

    kay-lister on #147133


    I’m in MD and I have my insurance through Anderson. I had to become a member of the AHS. Don’t know why they would deny you coverage.

    laura-stokes on #147134

    I don’t know either, I will try to call them. I did it online, the denied it. So I filled it all out again and they just emailed me the denial email from before…… I am so frustrated. I will call them tomorrow. I am a member of AHS and have been for a couple years now.

    steven-todd-miller on #147135

    State Farm.

    Amber M on #147136

    USAA insured all 7 of mine with no problem.

    barbara-brundage on #147137

    State Farm would not give me professional coverage Steven. Are you saying that you were able to get that? I could get a rider for the harp as long it never left the house or generated income, but that was all.

    melissa-and-liyanna-sadowsky on #147138

    I also have State Farm, but I have all my coverage thru them, so it may be an addendum to my other policy

    carl-swanson on #147139

    Whichever insurance company you go with, but in particular if you use your homeowners policy to insure your harp too, make absolutely sure that it is covered for fire, theft, AND ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE. Many homeowners agents will tell you the harp is completely covered, which to them means fire and theft. Also, make sure it is a floating policy, meaning it covers the instrument wherever it is(in the car, at church, etc.).

    But I still don’t like using any company that doesn’t specialize in musical instrument insurance. An agency that specializes in musical instrument insurance knows that, if there is a legitimate claim, the instrument’s owner probably has a repairman or company that they are confident in and will want to send the instrument there. A homeowners agent may ask for 3 different bids on the repair work and then will only pay for the cheapest one. They also ask for the most hairbrained information. I repaired an instrument years ago for someone whose harp was insured on her homeowners policy. The agent asked me for an itemized list of materials and cost(how many screws and cost? How much finish and cost? Cost of wood used, etc.). Idiotic questions. So I strongly advise everyone to buy a policy from an agency that regularly insures musical instruments, and even then read the policy carefully.

    barbara-brundage on #147140

    I totally agree with you, Carl. I’ve been approached several times over the years by homeowner’s policy adjusters trying to get me to assess harps that have had claims put in. I know enough to say I’m not competent, but there’s no guarantee that someone else won’t say, “Sure, I can do that” when they really have no clue.

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