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    Carm Zephyr on #158304

    Is there any harp owners in Oz that could give any advice on insuring a lever harp? I would like to insure my harp but have no idea how to go about it. It would be great to have insurance that covers the harp when it’s out and about as well 🙂 Any info would be greatly appreciated.


    patricia-jaeger on #158305

    Carm, you could go to http://www.harpcentre.com.au, and from the menu bar at the top, choose members. Since Harp Centre Australia is a non-profit, you could download the HCA Membership Form pdf

    Carm Zephyr on #158306

    Thanks Patricia so much for pointing me towards the right direction. I’ll look into it right away 🙂

    unknown-user on #158307

    Anderson is in America. If you want to go with an Australian business, there is Marsh insurance in Adelaide that have all risk cover for musical instruments. They are the ones that the musicians union of Australia endorse.


    phone numbers:

    unknown-user on #158308

    Here’s a link to a thread on the harp column

    Ann on #158309

    Don’t know how it works in Australia, but here in the US my harp is insured on a rider to my homeowners insurance. The coverage is very comprehensive, includes theft from performance venues … and the annual premium is minimal. You might ask your homeowners carrier about extra coverage for expensive items such as musical instruments. Mine is called “Valuable Personal Property” insurance rider for things like instruments, jewelry, artwork, etc.

    Carm Zephyr on #158310

    Thankyou Patricia, Kate and Anne, I’m looking into my options. You’ve been very helpful 🙂

    unknown-user on #158311

    That sounds excellent Ann! We don’t have anything comparable here. We do have house and contents insurance, but it does not cover your instrument if you take it out of the house! For harpists that don’t move their harps around that is what they usually do in Australia, just add it to their house and contents schedule. What you call a “rider”!

    galen-reed on #158312


    karen on #158313

    I use State Farm Insurance. They have a policy for musical instruments.
    I have a Dusty Strings that has a replacement value of $4500. and a Pratt Chamber Harp that has a replacement value of $5300. I am fully covered for ANYTHING that happens to the harp and it costs $47. per year. (This is not coverage for a professional….just a person who has harps at their home and sometimes takes them to recitals or to a friend’s house).
    My DS fell over once and the column had a cosmetic blemish that just broke my heart. Shipping and repair of the cosmetic issue was about $700. They paid the whole thing and it was shipped to and from Dusty Strings (incidentally, they did a fabulous job fixing the little ‘gaff”.)

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