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    Alyson Webber on #210770

    Hi all!

    I’ve added a blog post to my website a few months ago and am going to do a series on things people should know about hiring a harpist.

    I just wrote one about outdoor events, and was hoping people could chime into here with things I forgot to add (or just got wrong). I discussed rain, sun, playing surface and getting the harp to the outdoor location.I don’t know if I can put a link to my personal website here, but if you’re interested, just search “Alyson Webber harp” and it should come up.

    For my future posts, I also would love to hear anecdotes about things you had been expected to do and how you solved it, common problems with getting a harp to a venue and any advice you can give on amplification (how to know you need it, using a house system instead of your personal amp, etc.). Let me know if I can use your name or even link to your website from my post.

    I’m hoping that they more in formed the public can be, the better for everyone!

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