Harp in a Uhaul?

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    glissbliss on #254383

    I’m going to be driving a Uhaul for 10 hours one day. I have a concert grand pedal harp and I’m not sure what is the best way to transport it. Is there a way to secure it inside the Uhaul truck without risking damage? There are tie-down points inside the truck and I have a futon as well as several quilts and the 3 piece cover set.

    Can you think of anything or should I just cough up the $450 (their quote) for a box shipped to me from Lyon and Healy?

    charles-nix on #254384

    How much else is in the truck?
    Harp on the bed is different from harp on top of every thing else. And that is different from what might shift/move/fall on the harp.

    It is often surprising just how much things can shift from ten hours of pot holes, expansion joints, and swerving/braking to avoid an accident.

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