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    OK, let’s hear about that special place that your harp hangs out.


    Mine used to be called the “great room” or “living room.” There used to be a tv/stereo, sofa, chairs, tables — you know… normal people have.

    Then came the 7′ Pleyel piano… the sofa, tv, stereo and tables had to move out. Shortly thereafter, the first harp arrived. It went where the stereo/tv had been. Then the concert grand came and it moved the first harp out of it’s spot. It lives in the curve of the piano unless I’m playing it. Then came the Webster harp, which goes where the last remnant of the living room furniture sat…..the lazyboy was moved into a bedroom to make room for the Webster. The living room is now the music room….has 3 harps, a piano, a trumpet, and two flutes in it. The French horn is at the music store waiting to be sold.



    After a very bad accident

    Kathleen Clark

    Oh, I am so embarrassed. At our old home where we had been for 25 years, there was only room for harps in the dining area. It was a very small 800 sq. ft. house. After four harps took over the dining area (1 concert grand, 2 full size lever harps, and one full size wire harp) we had to MOVE! We couldn’t eat in there any more and to talk to anyone we had to sit in separate rooms.

    So the house hunt was on. I needed one big room for all my harps! We found one nice house with a lovely music room and a fountain outside the window. Only it had just gone into escrow. We persevered. Just when we had given up hope of finding anything in our price range in our area (we love our neighborhood), and had been researching remodeling, we walked at the end of one Sunday into the house that is now our home. There was an extra harp room! Only the realtor said, “Don’t you want to see the guest house out back?” Whaat?? And there it was, outside across the garden, a Harp House! Forget the harp room — we now have a whole harp house! We’re still working on it and it would make a lovely studio.

    In the meantime during our move I found my harps were very fussy. They just planted their feet where they wanted to stay in the main house and we sort of built the rooms around them over the past year and a half (we brought no furniture other than our bed and one old table). So it has been an adventure moving into a new home with a family of fussy harps. I love them all and they love me and they are spread out in different rooms — no matter where you turn there is a harp smiling at you. No kidding, I could even hear them talk to me when they planted their feet and dug in.

    We are all very happy in our new home. A little wren welcomed all of us by building a nest in our front door wreath — I posted a pic awhile back soon after we got started on some new furniture… I think it is in the Harp Dog thread…

    Harp Bird
    (message #60 in the thread)

    Ken H.


    My harp resides in our living room, by one of the chairs in each corner of the room. Between the chairs is the fireplace.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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