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    Anja G

    Hello everybody! This is just a short account of my last week-end. Taking part in a German harp festival for 3,5 days I (and all the other participants!) have been so fortunate to attend concerts by Edward Witsenburg and Park Stickney and scottish harpist Mary Macmaster. Edward Witsenburg played pieces by Anne Macdearmid, a wonderful arranger and composer of celtic harp pieces. In his play Mr. Witsenburg put so much agility and expression that you could have listened for ever. Park Stickney was amazing as he is, his technique, his feeling for music – he really rocks the harp (and he is a great story teller). And Mary enchanted us with her playing accompanied by her great great voice. They all are so wonderful harp players (and besides so friendly people) – I turly have been in harp heaven 🙂
    Sorry for perhaps boring you – I just wanted to share this happy feeling with other harp lovers! Good night (well, at least here in Germany), Anja


    Boring??? Are you kidding???!!! Sounds WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for the post.

    Happy harp dreams 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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