Harp Gathering @ Sauder Village

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    V. B. on #158643

    Did anyone attend the Harp Gathering @ Sauder Village in Ohio this year.

    holly-kemble on #158644

    Hi Vivian~

    I attended the Harp Gathering last summer, and it was wonderful!

    I ordered the ensemble music, but had to leave Sunday morning to play in my teacher’s annual harp recital. I could not participate in the ensemble performance.

    I am definately going next year. Especially since they added Thursday. And Kim Robertson will be there.

    Pat Eisenberger on #158645

    I blogged from The Harp Gathering in 2009 and 2010. The 2010 blog is at The Celtic American.

    There are several posts. The 2009 Harp Gathering is at 2009 Harp Gathering

    V. B. on #158646

    Sounds like fun.

    holly-kemble on #158647

    The hotel was sold out during the conference. You can reserve now or after the new year, but I wouldn’t wait until close to the date.


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