Harp & Flute the concert i did and your opinions……….

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    mr-s on #150377

    Hello i did

    mr-s on #150378

    again what is the best position of sitting and standing for the flute? In one line? And can the flute control the level of the sound, i wanted to play louder to but felt that the sound will be bad.

    Josiah hahaha on #150379

    The flute is a monophonic instrument that is capable of crescendos and decrescendos on held notes. The hap is of course not capable of these effects. It makes sense that the flute would often perform melody.

    However in my experience playing with flute both instruments seem to have timbres that do not overpower each other, but meld beautifully.

    sherry-lenox on #150380

    I think your program is ambitious and interesting!

    You probably know the Bernard Andres pieces for one instrument and harp. I like the very short pieces in the “Algues” collection, because they provide the chance for a nice balance between the harp and the other instrument. They can be done with violin, oboe, or flute.

    Although they would be easy to prepare as encores, I think they are little jewels. There is plenty of room for musical expression.

    I’ve not seen them, but I think Bernard Andres has also written some harder pieces for harp and another instrument. You might want to have a look at them.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150381

    That was a good program, much like harpists do here. There are many works where the harp and flute are equal partners. The pieces you chose on the first half happen not to be of that type, except the Faure and Saint-Saens. There are about 100 fine pieces for flute and harp at my last count. Perhaps you are not thinking of projecting your tone outward when playing, that makes a difference. It is

    mr-s on #150382

    yes the Mozart was accompanied by piano……

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150383

    I’ve done it with piano, and the skill of the accompanist makes such a difference. It can be good or bad. Miss Lawrence preferred to have it done on organ or harpsichord, but I couldn’t get one for my recital. Thankfully, I did get to play it with orchestra, which is a fine experience, except for those french horn solos in the third movement.

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