Harp Financing?

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    Karen Johns on #75616

    The best I can come up with for you is to get a harp in kit form and help her put it together. There is a smart harp kit

    Zen Sojourner on #75617

    Consider checking out the Harpsicle harps at Musician’s Friend.

    Zen Sojourner on #75618

    I forgot to include a link (I sure wish we could edit posts!)

    Anyway, here’s a link to the Harpsicles at Musician’s Friend

    jan-fetty on #75619

    Are you on the east coast or west coast?

    anita-burroughs-price on #75620

    Hi Rachel,
    Does Miss Jellison know of a source? Or Virginia Harp Center?

    nicollette s. on #75608

    We’ve found a wonderful used harp for a price that we think is very reasonable. We’re interested in purchasing the harp but wouldn’t have the time to save up for the whole thing due to a planned move in the next several months. So we decided to look into financing.

    Since it’s used and the owner is selling the harp, financing it through L&H or Venus would work. We’ve looked into just taking a loan out at our bank but we were informed by them that our bank now only does loans for home/vehicle purchases and wouldn’t even consider a loan for a musical instrument.

    While speaking to the owner of a local musical store he suggested asking musicians how they financed their expensive instruments. So… here I am. 🙂

    Is there another way to finance an instrument? We’d be looking at about $8,500 and we’ve got two fully paid vehicles that could be used as collateral.

    Help? Suggestions?

    Thank you for your time!

    ~ Nicollette

    catherine-rogers on #75609

    What about a home equity line of credit?

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #75610

    Try another bank, or go to a credit union, open a small account and see about getting a loan. Their rates are generally on the low side, or at least they used to be. You will need to have something of value to the bank or credit union for collateral, like a late-model car paid for, a boat or a house.

    Good luck,


    john-strand on #75611

    I came to dislike banks and now belong to a credit union which is a not for profit organization – they have been wonderful about loans on items that banks wouldn’t touch such as professional recording gear and my harps – all have been financed and the last one was a home equity loan.

    nicollette s. on #75612

    Thank you all for the replies so far. We don’t own a house, we rent so the home equity loan is not something we’re able to do. I’ll certainly check into a credit union in our area and see if there is a musician’s union here. Thank you again!

    If anyone else has a suggestion please add to your two cents!

    Much appreciated!

    ~ Nicollette

    Sid Humphreys on #75613

    Try Googling Allegro Acceptance and see if that will help you, I think they will finance up to 95%.


    Jeffrey Smith on #75621

    Hi Rachel!

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #75614

    Sid I did that, and it looks as if they do financing for music retailers only. That’s what I made out of their website. Maybe I missed something.


    kay-lister on #75615

    Try Care Credit.

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