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    Greg Passmore

    I am asking anyone if they know any composition featuring the harp (I assume pedal-orchestra style) with concert band or large wind ensemble accompaniment….nothing with strings.

    I know a school music teacher that would love to feature a harpist as a soloist with their band, if such a composition is available in sheet music form.

    Please contact Greg at
    Many Thanks!



    “Nocturne for Harp” by Clare Grundman.


    La Rougette (available for band) by David Bennett, $12.00, is listed


    I would contact the US Air Force Band at Bolling AFB in Washington, DC.


    William McKinley wrote such a piece and there is a Concerto by Rudajev. There are possibly many pieces if you look in a library and publishers catalogs.

    Fairy Reel


    I’m going to sound crazy, but last year I played a Sousa march with a Wind Ensemble, “Easter Morning on the White House Lawn”. The part is for harp or piano, and while the harp isn’t very prominently featured, it’s a nice piece. Standard Wind Ensemble affair.

    Hope this helps!


    It’s not a band, but Salzedo’s Concerto for Harp and Seven Winds is a humdinger of a piece.


    Harp Feature with Concert Band.

    A chart with details can be accessed at

    List of 21 works for Harp with winds. 10 works are for Harp Solo with Concert Band or Wind Ensemble.

    This Nieweg Chart was created in 2011. There are other titles published but I will not have time to do the research for those until summer 2013.


    Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song is really nice. You can pull it up and give it a listen on Youtube. You might have to jump around a bit to find the groups that actually have the harp playing with them. I think some use a keyboard for harp parts. I just did this last month myself.



    Michael Daugherty’s “Niagara Falls” has a prominent harp part and might even be a harp feature piece, though not quite a solo piece. The harp part isn’t technically difficult, though the piece is rhythmically challenging for all involved, and counting the rests and getting the entrances right is hard. It would be quite difficult for many high school bands due to the rhythms (it’s classified Grade 6).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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