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    unknown-user on #168119

    I’m 12 and wondering if there are any young harpists that want to
    chat or e-mail. My e-mail is Harpingchic@aol.com

    unknown-user on #168120

    A few people e-mailed me with responses. If it makes a difference: I’m 13 now.

    unknown-user on #168121

    Hey Heather! I would love to chat with you. I’ve been looking for a girl my age to chat with that plays the harp. Heres some background info about me: I am from New Jersey and i just turned 13. I’ve been playing for two years and I have a prelude from Lyon and Healy. What kind of harp do you have (if you have one) and how long have you been playing? Please e-mail me back at harpgirl6688@aol.com. If your ever online instant message me and we can chat.

    Nadia Tjahja on #168122

    Hi Monica
    I’m 12 years old And i play 7 years harp (in august 8 years)
    my e-mail addres is nadia_tjahja@hotmail.com
    I hope you will chat with me

    unknown-user on #168123

    hi ya Heather! I’m 12 as well and i would luv to chat more with harpists my age! You can email me @ theItalian91@yahoo.com or iHarp4U@yahoo.com . Do you have

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