Harp Dreams

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    tony-morosco on #108052

    Did anyone else catch this on PBS the other day? If you haven’t you might want to see if you can catch a repeat of it.

    It is a documentary on the last USA International Harp Competition in Indiana in 2007. Since the next one is this year in July it is very interesting to see what goes into not just the contestants preparation and competition experience but also the thoughts of the judges and organizers.

    Really a fascinating look at harp competition. It follows several of the competitors, going to their homes in various parts of the world, interviewing some of their teachers, getting a glimpse of how they integrate their harp study and their home lives, and all the preparation that goes into getting ready for such a competition.

    Also a good look at the custom Lyon and Healy harp that was the first prize.

    And lots of great footage from the competition itself. Man, these folks can play. You won’t be dissapointed.

    kay-lister on #108054


    My friend in DE saw it and said it was amazing.

    tony-morosco on #108055

    Thanks Barbara. Didn’t think to look in that section of the forum. Silly me :^)

    phyllis-adams on #108056

    If you get Comcast, it is “On Demand” until June 30th – at least here in Chicago. Truly an outstanding documentary of any amazing competition! My only disappointment was that there was not more footage of Maria K. – the first prize winner, in performance. Her L&H recital was probably the best live harp performance anyone could hope to hear! Her CD is also amazing!

    Kathleen Clark on #108057

    I missed the documentary “Harp Dreams,” and it is not scheduled for repeats (so far) but the DVD will be available at the PBS store in July and released through Amazon August 3rd.

    Extra Features Include:

    Maria Krushevskaya plays Eugen Onegin (7:34.24);

    Building The Prize Harp (9:25.04);

    Cheryl’s Harp Needs Repair (3:34.17); and

    Selecting a Competition Harp (4:29.10).

    Donna O on #108058

    Harp Dreams is being rebroadcast on PBS(WTTW in my area) on Monday June 28th at 2:30 am in the morning.

    sherry-lenox on #108059

    Must have been on around noon today here (NY tri-state area) and what I saw was fascinating.

    carl-swanson on #108060

    May I suggest that we all make a contribution to our local PBS affiliate, and mention in a note along with the check that this is in appreciation of the documentary “HARP DREAMS.” maybe that will inspire them to do more about the harp.

    Charles on #108061

    I finally got to see it, it was not shown here untill this afternoon!

    I was so excited I baked a cake and plan on getting the DVD.

    Kathleen Clark on #108062

    I’m glad to see folks are still able to view Harp Dreams on their PBS stations. I’ve checked with the three PBS affiliates we receive and none have it scheduled for rebroadcast yet. Y’all are giving me hope though! PBS usually repeats and repeats.

    paul-wren on #108063

    You go Charles! When can we come over for cake and viewing?

    Charles on #108064

    Hey Paul,

    I’m sorry you missed the big High Tea party.

    I invited my teacher over and we watched it on the big screen while having tea and english pudding. But that was not enough so I had to make sandwiches too.

    I’ll host another viewing and dessert part when the DVD comes in the mail.

    You are invited bring a friend!

    Asha the Nagini on #108065

    That sounds so nice.

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