Harp donation for a school?

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    Daphna Straus on #230268

    My daughter is a harp student at Hunter College High School, a public school in New York City with a vibrant music curriculum. We are wondering if anyone in the harp community would be interested in donating or lending a pedal harp of any size to the school so that this harp student may play in the school orchestra. She rents a pedal harp from a pro harpist for her lessons at home and she is not permitted (or able) to transport it back and forth to school. She is looking for an instrument that she can use in school for chamber ensembles and orchestra. If someone has a harp they are interested in donating I can arrange a letter for tax purposes from the school’s PTA (a 501c3). A donated or even loaned harp would be kept secure in the school conductor’s office and would be moved only by the conductor.
    If anyone is interested in doing this, I can arrange for pick up in the New York area, or delivery from other areas.
    Thank you for spreading the word about this – it would help a harp student to participate in her school’s music program and would introduce new generations of audiences to the harp!
    Many thanks for sharing this inquiry.

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