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    I would like to have your opinion about the size of the pedal harps. I play on a Salvi harp (Orchestra model whose height is 1,75 meter) but after few months of playing I wonder if it is a problem to play on a “small” harp whereas during my lessons I play on a 1,85 meters harp. In fact I find pedals are farther when I play on a 1, 85 meters harp and even the position of my hands or arms changes.
    Did you have the same problem?


    My practice harp is small and I take lessons on my teacher’s huge Salvi. Although it is a wonderful sounding harp, I dislike playing it because neither pedals nor strings are where I expect them to be.


    The spacing of the strings is why you’re missing strings. This is not uncommon, but your hand and arm position should be unaffected. If your hand or arm position is changing, then I’d guess that you haven’t found the correct height at which to sit while playing the harp you have lessons on. Try changing the bench height next time!



    Yes I do have the same problem!

    My teacher has an old Salvi Daphne harp, it’s concert grand 47 strings. Mine is a Lyon and Healy 85 Petite, 40 strings. Her pedals can’t be properly regulated because it’s so old, and I struggle pushing them up and down. The strings are old too and have a different “feel” from mine. I almost always play better at home than at her harp!

    I suppose the main problem is just playing her harp once a week and mine all the rest, I’m very much used to mine.

    Oh and my arm position changes because her harp is MUCH heavier than mine, and weighs down my right shoulder therefore making it harder to keep my arms at the “proper” height. But arm positioning is one of my weaknesses and I shouldn’t blame her harp, I’m bad at home too. 😉

    God bless!

    — Natalie

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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