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    brook-boddie on #239578

    Do you guys know if there’s anyone out there who is currently making those inexpensive, self-applied plastic harp decals? The lady who used to have a nice selection of decals listed on her website is apparently not producing them anymore. Her website is not active. If anyone knows of a good source for good quality decals that are easily applied and removed, please let us know. Thanks so much!

    balfour-knight on #239671

    Hi, Brook,

    Nice to see your post! You may want to contact Sylvia Woods to see if anyone is still in the harp-decals business. Years ago, she used to feature them in her catalogs.

    Happy 12th Night!
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #244702

    Hi Brook. I searched online for harp decals recently and could not find any. but I continued my Google search and eventually found some beautiful decals made for acoustic guitar. They are similar in material to the old harp decals I used a few years ago! Teva

    brook-boddie on #244707

    Hi Teva,

    I don’t know if this website will allow you to post a web address of another site or not, but if you happen to know the site where you found those, if you can post it here or even send it in a private message, I’d appreciate it. Thanks for your response!

    brook-boddie on #244708

    Check out https://www.inlaystickers.com/ They have some nice decals that would look nice on a harp, I think. I haven’t been through all of them yet–there are a lot! If anyone ends up using this company, please let us know how they look/feel.

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