Harp Decals?

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    kynkari on #192376

    Hi all,

    I know this topic has come up before but I think the options have changed since it was last discussed.

    I’m wondering if anyone know where one can get harp soundboard decals other than Harp Column or Silvia Woods? I’m not a huge fan of the decals either of them carry, and harp decal.com is on hiatus.

    I had read back in 2012 that someone did custom decals for people, but her website no longer is there. Also Music Makers used to offer apparently but no longer.

    I would like to decorate the soundboard of my new harp, and have thought about getting two wood rosettes from Music makers as those can be mounted right on top of a soundboard but I’m not too wild about gluing anything to my harp.. I’ll screw it up for sure! A decal would be better but I can’t find many available. 🙁

    Biagio on #192379

    Try asking the folks at one of the Robinsons Harp Shops about their “decoration charts.” I’m not sure about the details but AM pretty sure that one of the options is the set made famous on the Clark Harps. Personally I’d prefer paint over decals but that of course is permanent.

    Congratulations on your new Merlin!


    carl-swanson on #192380

    Kynkari- I’m assuming you are talking about decals for a lever harp. I’ve got Celtic decals that I used on my lever harps. If you go to my web site you can see them. If they interest you, contact me privately. Mine are made for a specific size soundboard. So I don’t know if they would fit your soundboard.

    Harp Column Staff on #192403

    Thanks for posting your question Kynkari! Just to clarify what you mentioned in your original post, Harp Column does not sell decals. Thanks to all who have weighed in with other options.

    harpdecals on #194310

    is back on line. They have all your tried and true decals from Barbara with new decals coming soon! Visit us soon!

    Elettaria on #194870

    http://www.inlaysticker.com/ any use for you?  I ordered their lizard ones for my partner’s birthday, along with surprising him with a travel mountain dulcimer his sister and I schemed to get him.  The stickers didn’t go on the dulcimer in the end, we both preferred it plain, but might adorn laptops or something.  They have a good reputation, I understand from guitar forums and such.  If you see a fretboard design you want without the bits cut out for the frets, I think they’ll do that for you.  The lizards (from the uke section) are very cute, and the faux abalone looks nice.  What sort of thing were you thinking of?

    A friend of mine who’s a designer would love to do some work for harp.  Look up Eithin if you’re interested.

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